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Head Office

The next business property added to our portfolio was 19 Madume YA Ndemufayo Street which was initially used for storage and as a venue for maintenance work. Renovations were undertakento transform it into an office and a  warehouse, as it is today. LHG Head Office is the nerve centre of all the businesses which facilitates all other activities. The need arose to have a central point for all deliveries so that the Group could service all the venues independently. This was far more effective time wise, for cost effectiveness, quality control and stock control. All deliveries are accepted on behalf of the venues at Head Office where they are processed and managed. Venues place orders for stock on a daily basis with the warehouse and stock is issued and delivered by company vehicles. Food preparation and portioning also takes place here and the warehouse kitchen is the central hub from which food is prepped for special functions. The Lighthouse Group has a maintenance crew that operate from the central warehouse as well as a car wash on the premises to keep our vehicles clean and to wash out Otto bins. The warehouse stores other stock items and houses all our vehicles. We have a vast network of CCTV cameras for security, to stop petty pilfering in the venues and for the safety of our guests. Our admin department handles all the HR, finance, purchasing, training and IT for the group.

Lighthouse Restaurant

The Lighthouse Pub & Restaurant is the flagship of The Lighthouse Group.
Founded in 1997, by proprietor and entrepreneur Quinton Liebenberg, with the view to accommodate the locals with the best quality product at the best price and to provide a lasting experience and ensure that each client returns due to an amazing experience and ambience. The restaurant has gone from strength to strength, attracting the locals and tourists alike with its prime location and great cuisine.
In 2015 The Lighthouse Pub & Restaurant was closed its doors with the hope to reopen in the new swimming pool development, but as this has yet to come to fruition the Strand Café premises was taken over, renovated extensively and reopened as Lighthouse Restaurant The many years of success enjoyed by The Lighthouse Pub & Restaurant facilitated the birth of new businesses, culminating in the formation of the umbrella company The Lighthouse Group.

Tiger Reef Beach Bar & Grill

The next addition was Tiger Reef Beach Bar in January 2005. (on a long-term lease basis). The existing rustic beach bar in the Swakop River Mouth was extended and revamped and the little known quaint venue became a veritable “hot spot”. Initially it was just a beach bar which became a desirable function venue and hosted Ibiza-esque events for clients such as Red Bull. The sea has waged war on the little venue which has held its ground during numerous onslaughts by the tide, and even, the Swakop River. This has made for a few re-designs and each time; Tiger Reef was reborn looking even better than before. In 2013 Tiger Reef expanded its kitchen, formalized the menu and adopted the self-service concept. Already approved plans are have been drawn up and we are in the process of securing financing for Tiger Reef to undergo metamorphosis-there are plans for an eco-lodge, restaurant and luxury camping facilities in the near future.

Tiger Reef Campsite

Along with the purchase of Sea Gull’s Cry (Tiger Reef: business rights) came the run-down campsite. A lot of time and effort was put in to make well the located campsite as neat and well run as it is today – it has 26 stands and is well supported by campers from around the world, travelling though Namibia.

Jetty 1905 Restaurant

In June 2006 The Lighthouse Group was awarded the rights to “take care” of the Jetty and to make it viable, the rights to construct an “Oyster Bar” at the end of the structure. The group would maintain the renovated jetty and prevent it from becoming run down and unsafe as it was in previous years, which resulted in its closure for seven years. The jetty was renovated to roughly half way, and the rest of the structure was cut away and left to the elements. Quinton’s wish was to ‘save’ the portion left to disintegrate, and after engineers, divers and experts deemed the seaward portion more suitable to carry the restaurant structure, the Lighthouse Group undertook the task of renovating and rescuing the seaward portion of the jetty and once again restoring it to its full glory. It was opened to the public on 6 August 2010 by Swakopmund’s Mayor followed by the opening of the restaurant on 14 October 2010. Jetty 1905 is located at the point of the jetty with a viewing deck above it to allow every member of the public to enjoy the view from the end of the jetty. In June 2014 the culmination of rough seas, high water, spring tide and strong currents resulted in wave damage to the restaurant and it was forced to close its doors to renovate, but after two months and some remodeling, the doors we opened once more. Jetty 1905 has become one of Swakopmund’s leading restaurants and travelers book well in advance to secure a table and enjoy the spectacular view, excellent service and delicious dishes.

The Cube Executive Apartments

As part of the settlement for exiting the Swimming Pool Development, we acquired a unit in the Water Cube which we divided into two studio apartments.
We let these beautifully furnished and fully equipped apartments out on a day to day basis. We like to see it as our entry into the accommodation industry and plan to open more accommodation establishments in the future.

Bonus MarktPlatz

Quinton had his eye on the exceptionally well-situated Bonus Markt building for many years. He let Mrs. Blatt, the owner of the building know that should she ever be interested in selling it, that he would buy it. When the time came and she offered it to him, he snapped up the opportunity. It would take a few years and numerous proposals until finally, the project was feasible and the
time was right. The ground breaking for Bonus Marktplatz took place in November 2016 and both phases of the building completed a year later. Bonus Marktplatz remains a tribute to the old building seamlessly blending its history while embracing the present and future. Bonus Marktplatz is a business ‘arcade’ boasting shops, kiosks, a café and a restaurant on the corner of the two main streets into and out of Swakopmund. The buildings make for one of the most attractive corners in Swakopmund.

Bonus Markt Soft Serve

Most Namibian families have fond memories of Bonus Markt – the name sake of the development. Bonus Markt was famous for its rotisserie chicken and creamy soft serve – many have childhood memories of their holidays in Swakopmund which was not complete without almost daily visits to Bonus Markt for their holiday ice cream fix. We simply had to bring a tribute to this memory by opening our own Bonus Markt Soft Serve shop in the development.

Stadtmitte Cafe

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